Our Mission

Proclaiming the crucified Christ as Lord of all, we evangelise, teach and train University students, sending them to serve the Lord in Australia and the world, all to the glory of God.

The Bible Talks

Semester 1 Locations!
Mon, Tue & Thu @ 1pm
Series: Hebrews
Locations: Mon @ ElecEngG24 Tues @ CLB6 Thurs @ Biomed D
Look out for the CBS flags and orange t-shirts!

Core Theology
Semester 1 Times & Locations
Tue @ 5pm, Colombo Theatre C
Wed @ 1pm, Tyree LG05
Starting Wk 3

Mid-Year Conference
Mon 14th - Fri 18th July
Merroo Conference Centre

Recent Bible Talks

So Jesus Does Understand What I’m Going Through!
Hebrews 5:1-10 | Sem 1, Week 6