As the weather warms up and the Term comes to an end, there are some really exciting opportunities over summer for evangelism, teaching, training and sending! So get out your diaries and get excited for the Summer Five!

GATHER: Kick-Off Conference

When? – Thurs 28 – Fri 29 Jan 2021
What? – Do you remember those people you used to see on Campus (or perhaps just heard about, or saw faces on a screen)? To kick-off the new year, we are going away to get equipped, and get excited, and get together! Start planning your summer holidays around this camp – we are really excited to see you all together again and to be able to learn and grow and pray together!


When? – Fri, 5 Feb 2021
What? – You know it’s been a tough year to finish school, and starting Uni will also look different next year. So we need you help to invite new students to join us at Welcome Day in 2021. Start by praying for them now as they sit exams and finish the year, and then chat with them about them plans and encourage them to join CBS (or the Christian group at another Uni) next year.

REACH: O-Week Mission

When? – Mon 8 – Thurs 11 Feb 2021
What? – Who knows exactly what O-Week will look like next year, but keep this week free as an important time to reach, meet, welcome and connect with new students. (You can even think of this as the Mission after NTE that we never got to do!)