Sermons from September 2019

Romans 8:18-39 Strength for the Suffering

You know it: a universal experience Are you content? Present Future HOPE Is that ‘insider trading’? Weakness HELP Do you know what is good for you? Promise Plan PURPOSE God’s got this! For & Against All things ASSURANCE Jesus loves you! Perspective Confidence LOVE

Proverbs 5 – 9 Wisdom Thru’ the Lattice

Proverbs 5 – 9 Wisdom Thru’ the Lattice 1. Looking Thru’ the Lattice Madam Folly Fallen creation 2. Wisdom From Creation Lady Wisdom Wisdom from the world Proverbs’ distinctive & framework 3. Wisdom From Beyond Creation Fear of the LORD…& HIStory Does Proverbs promise too much? Jesus: God’s final wisdom Isn’t it OK to be…