Sermons from October 2017

Acts 25:1-28:31 Gospel Active?

Intro: clever strategy?   The Issue The hope of Israel   The Resurrection of Jesus   Paul’s Innocence Natural Justice   Courtroom Justice   Paul’s Gospel   Israel’s Hardness clean slate   Hard Hearts   Blessing for all Nations Salvation Sent   With all Boldness   Without Hindrance   Where is Caesar?

Acts 21:1-24:27 The Acts of a Sovereign God

Intro: decisions, decisions!   God’s Sovereignty and Mission Plans Guidance and Prophecy   The Purification Plan   God’s Sovereignty and Providence Language   Citizenship   People in the right places   God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility Sovereignty and Repentance   Sovereignty and Security   Sovereignty and Guidance   Sovereignty and Evangelism

LIFT:NEXT 2017 A Global Gathering

LIFT:NEXT Conference 2017 – Taking The Gospel Beyond Your Nation What does it look like to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily? As we seek to serve the Lord Jesus with our entire life how do we make decisions that will honour him?     *LIFT: Looking Into Full-Time