Sermons on The Bible Talks (Page 4)

Acts 2:1-47 The First Act in Office

Intro: Tongues and Prophecy?   A Unique Supernatural Event   The Day of the Lord Joel’s prophecy fulfilled   The Spirit and Prophecy   Signs and wonders   The enthroned King David’s death-defying prophecy   The Superior Son’s Throne   The first act in office   Life in the last days Change your allegiance  …

Genesis 25-36 Beyond Twin Rivalry

Twin Rivalry Inheritance Firstborn…or miss out! Jacob vs. Esau The story The genealogies The inheritance God’s dream to Abraham God’s choice & action Untruths & undeserved Wrestled with God = “Israel” Beyond Twin Rivalry Edom vs. Israel Finding THE One Firstborn son? “Jacob I loved, Esau I hated” For just a bowl of soup?