Sermons on The Bible Talks

Exodus 5-6 Is life better with God?

1. Train-wreck or tranquility? 2. When things don’t go according to plan… a) for God’s leaders b) for God’s people c) for God’s enemies? 3. Confidence beyond clichés a) “I don’t know how you do it!” b) “I’m sure it will turn out ok in the `     end!” c) “We’ll get through this together!” 4.…

People Matter Hebrews 2:5-18

1.          What makes you valuable? 2.          Significance comes from God, not us a.           Creation or coincidence? b.           Death gives or takes?3.          Making your life counta.           Honouring yourself b.           Valuing others

John 18 – How do you arrest God?

Intro: How do you like to think of yourself? ContextLaw and Order – How to run from the law – How to arrest GodSo what is really going on here?Jesus will drink the cup Jesus loses none of those who are his The High Priest’s prophecyStrong or Weak? – Peter’s Courage –  – The big contrastThe…

John 17 – What on earth is God doing?

Intro: What on earth? Glory What is glory? Wasn’t Jesus already? How will Jesus be glorified?What is the work?You, me, them Keep them in your name Not take them out of the worldSanctificationWhat is sanctification? Sanctify them I consecrate myselfHey… That’s us!God’s goal for the world So that the world may… United in Jesus’ glory