LIFE: Could your life be glorious? | John 12:27-50

When Jesus entered the World he made, he came offering LIFE – genuine, fulfilling and eternal LIFE. His life was characterised by grace, truth and LOVE. Through his teaching and his actions, he reveals the one true God to the world – after-all, he is God, the divine creator and life-giver! And to everyone who comes to him, Jesus welcomes them into God’s eternal family. This adoption is beautiful – but costly. Jesus had to give his life in our place. But that isn’t the end. Jesus took his life up again, death could not defeat the author of life. As the one who has conquered the grave, there is no one more qualified to offer LIFE to a dying world. Do you know Jesus and the LIFE he offers?

Join us each week to encounter Jesus as he reveals himself in John’s Gospel.

  • The talks will steam live on Youtube at 1pm on Mondays (with live Q and A after the talk),
  • Or you can join us on Campus, Tuesdays 12pm at John Clancy Auditorium (also with live Q and A after the talk)! We would love to see you there.

If you would like your own copy of John’s Gospel, or to meet with someone else to read and ask questions together, or to join a group to read and discuss John’s eyewitness account of who Jesus is, please get in touch.

Wk 1 (14 Sep) – LIFE: The God who shared it

Wk 2 (21 Sep) – LIFE: If only God would give me a sign!

Wk 3 (28 Sep) – LIFE: Why all the hype about Jesus?

Wk 4 (5 Oct) – LIFE: Death is not the end

Wk 5 (12 Oct) – LIFE: From Jesus or who else?

Wk 6 (19 Oct) – LIFE: Can it be truly Spiritual?

Wk 7 (26 Oct) – LIFE: True Freedom

Wk 8 (2 Nov) – LIFE: Where to find it?

Wk 9 (9 Nov) – LIFE: What is it worth?

Wk 10 (16 Nov) – LIFE: Could your life be glorious?