Jesus Gives Hope

When we experience hardship in life, we naturally look for hope. We hope for a better future; for us, and for our world. But where can we find hope? How can we have a hope that is more than just wishful thinking?

Jesus gives hope. Hope for our future, and hope for the world. Jesus gives the hope of a relationship with God. Jesus gives hope for eternal life to come.

At Campus Bible Study, we would love for you to know this hope that Jesus gives. If you would like to know more, please get in contact with us below or by coming to one of our events!

If you would like to read more online about the hope which Jesus gives, you can learn more at

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Join Us ON Campus

The Bible Talks
A one-hour lecture-style talk from the Bible where we get to learn and think together.
Tuesday 1pm—Physics Theatre
Wednesday 1pm—Physics Theatre
Thursday 12pm—Rex Vowels Theatre

Exploring Christianity
An opportunity to meet with a small group of others to learn together about the hope Jesus gives.
Times: Tuesday 3pm, Wednesday 3pm, Thursday 1pm
Please get in contact using the form above if you would like to join a group!

Visit A Church ON Campus

A church which meets at UNSW, for local university students.
Sunday 6pm—Keith Burrows Theatre

Gereja FOCUS Indonesia
A church which meets at UNSW, for international students from Indonesia.
Sunday 10am—Ainsworth G03

FOCUS Mandarin Church
A church which meets at UNSW, for Mandarin-speaking international students.
Sunday 10am—Keith Burrows Theatre

FOCUS International Church
A church which meets at UNSW, for international students.
Sunday 10am—Law G04