Make the most of your time at Uni to get trained in your faith! CORE Training and CORE Theology are back in 2021 – equipping you to live and serve as God’s people.

CORE runs from Weeks 2-10, with Training happening in small groups, and Theology as larger seminars. Make the most of this time by coming to both to be further equipped to serve!

For details on how to join us for Campus Bible Study ministries, please contact us here.

CORE ThEology

  • Format: Interactive Seminars
  • Duration: 9 weeks x 1hr
  • Times: Tues 4-5pm or Thurs 2-3pm

CORE Training

  • Format: Small Group Training
  • Duration: 9 weeks x 1hr
  • Times: Tues 3-4pm, Wed 3-4pm, or Thurs 1-2pm

Training Courses: CORE Training Strands 1-3 are designed to be done in order. If it’s your last Term at Uni, wherever you’re up to, join us at Strand 8: Parting Words.

  • Strand 1: Know the Gospel
  • Strand 2: Share the Gospel
  • Strand 3: Read and Share the Bible
  • Strand 4: Growth Groups
  • Strand 5: Essential Doctrine
  • Strand 6: Christian Ethics
  • Strand 7: Advanced Bible Study Leading
  • Strand 8: Parting Words