A note about Term 3

Welcome to Term 3!! We are really excited to be meeting together around God’s word again and are praying that this Term brings many new opportunities to proclaim the Gospel of LIFE! A few things to NOTE that are different from last Term:

  • The Bible Talk is LIVE on Monday at 1:05pm – if you are leading a Monday Campus Growth Group, the video won’t be available before this time, but you will be able to watch and interact with the Talk as it happens in real time!! It will be embedded below. There will also be LIVE Q and A after the talk, so SMS your questions during this talk to 0444 519 931 (though you don’t need to stick around for the Q and A).
  • This talk from Monday will be recorded, and then available by Tuesday morning for other CGGs. The videos will be about 40 minutes and will include a brief introduction and Bible reading, and two discussion questions.
  • We hope to move the Tuesday talk to being in-person on-campus if the University will allow it. We will keep you posted if this is possible (but the recording will still be available as well).

Week 2 – John 2:1-25

40 minute talk + 10 minute Q&A

Watch previous Bible Talks at the Campus Bible Study Youtube Channel here.

If your CGG is meeting in a location without Wi-Fi, you can download the talk beforehand here.

Term 3 Sign-Up

Welcome to Term 3! Our online Campus Growth Groups are continuing this Term (with an extra time on Monday), along with Training expanding into both an hour for CORE Training (small practical courses that equip you to serve) and CORE Theology (larger seminars teaching us to view the world through the Bible).

It’s not too late to join us for CORE Training and CORE Theology (starting Week 2). Use the Term 3 sign up form to register!

You can find below our CBS timetable for Term 3. A helpful tool is also the Crossangles website to help plan your classes around the timetable.

If you have friends who are unsure what Campus Bible Study is like ‘online’ you can share the below video with them with a few student experiences.

Pray with us

Prayer Points: Pray that God will help us to share about who Jesus really is in our conversations this week.

Coming up

Bible Study
Bible TalkBible Talk Title
Week 3
John 3:1-21John 3:22-36
LIFE: Why all the hype about Jesus?
Week 4John 4:1-54
John 5:1-47
LIFE: Death is not the end
Week 5John 6:1-21
John 6:22-71LIFE: From Jesus or who else?
Week 6John 7:1-31John 7:32-8:11LIFE: Can it be truly spiritual?
Week 7John 8:12-30John 8:31-59LIFE: True Freedom
Week 8John 9:1-41John 10:1-42LIFE: What is it worth?
Week 9John 11:1-44John 11:45-12:11LIFE: Until death or through death?
Week 10John 12:12-26John 12:27-50
LIFE: Glorious Life!