Sermons by Joshua Ng

Proverbs 5 – 9 Wisdom Thru’ the Lattice

Proverbs 5 – 9 Wisdom Thru’ the Lattice 1. Looking Thru’ the Lattice Madam Folly Fallen creation 2. Wisdom From Creation Lady Wisdom Wisdom from the world Proverbs’ distinctive & framework 3. Wisdom From Beyond Creation Fear of the LORD…& HIStory Does Proverbs promise too much? Jesus: God’s final wisdom Isn’t it OK to be…

Proverbs 1 – 9 Living the Good Life

1. The Good Life Parental Wisdom “My son” 2. The Framework of Proverbs For what? For whom? What is wisdom? 3. The Beginning of Wisdom “Fear”? Who is the LORD? Motivation What if enticed… & ignore wisdom? (ch 1) Wisdom saves (ch 2) Success, blessing & cursing (ch 3) Two paths (ch 4) “Fear” indeed!…

LIFT Conference 2018: Titus 3

“In Sync with the Spirit” 1. Regenerate! Renewal! 2. Saved by the Spirit! a. Regeneration and renewal b. Ezekiel washing…Acts pouring c. Justification and inheritance d. Faith for good works e. Because God… 3. In Sync with the Spirit? a. Trustworthy word b. From Eternity to Now

LIFT Conference 2018: Titus 2

“In Sync with Grace” 1. Hyper-Grace Doctrine 2. Sound Doctrine (2:1-10) a. “Healthy” b. In sync with gospel word c. In family and work 3. Transforming Doctrine (2:11-15) a. Grace of God appeared b. “No”, “Yes now” and “wait” c. Redeemed 4. In Sync with Grace?

LIFT Conference 2018: Titus 1

“In Sync with Eternity” 1. God’s Eternity Unveiled (1:1-4) a. Before the Beginning… b. Paul’s task c. Future eternity and godliness d. To Titus 2. God’s Stewards Appointed (1:5-9) a. Above reproach b. Gospel firmness c. Extraordinarily ordinary 3. God-denying Religion (1:10-16) a. Legalistic Christianity b. Cultural Christianity c. Influential and Useless 4. In Sync…

Daniel 8:1-27 How Long O Lord?

Cry of Desolation   God’s Temple Desolated The Vision & Interpretation   Ram & Goat: Superpowers   Little horn: Target God’s Temple   Time of Restoration   Still not understand!   Abomination of Desolation (Let the reader understand)   Worse ever!   Coming of the Son of Man   “How Long O Lord?” Already &…

Genesis 25-36 Beyond Twin Rivalry

Twin Rivalry Inheritance Firstborn…or miss out! Jacob vs. Esau The story The genealogies The inheritance God’s dream to Abraham God’s choice & action Untruths & undeserved Wrestled with God = “Israel” Beyond Twin Rivalry Edom vs. Israel Finding THE One Firstborn son? “Jacob I loved, Esau I hated” For just a bowl of soup?