Sermons by Carl Matthei (Page 3)

Romans 3:21-31 Just God

The Righteousness of God i.That has been revealed ii.For all who believe iii.Through the faith of Jesus Christ Three Pictures of Salvation i.Law courts and justification ii.Slave markets and redemption iii.The temple and propitiation The Cross and God’s Justice i.Passing over former sins ii.So that He might be just iii.And the justifier iv.One God, one…

Romans 1:1-17 Established by the Gospel

The Gospel of World History Long-awaited Jesus our Lord Obedience of faith Among the nations The Gospel for establishing God’s people World-renowned faith Spiritual gift, harvest, what? Established by the Gospel Obligation The Gospel reveals the righteousness of God Power for salvation Righteousness revealed The righteous will live by faith