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LIFT Conference 2018: Titus 3

“In Sync with the Spirit” 1. Regenerate! Renewal! 2. Saved by the Spirit! a. Regeneration and renewal b. Ezekiel washing…Acts pouring c. Justification and inheritance d. Faith for good works e. Because God… 3. In Sync with the Spirit? a. Trustworthy word b. From Eternity to Now

LIFT Conference 2018: Titus 2

“In Sync with Grace” 1. Hyper-Grace Doctrine 2. Sound Doctrine (2:1-10) a. “Healthy” b. In sync with gospel word c. In family and work 3. Transforming Doctrine (2:11-15) a. Grace of God appeared b. “No”, “Yes now” and “wait” c. Redeemed 4. In Sync with Grace?

LIFT Conference 2018: Titus 1

“In Sync with Eternity” 1. God’s Eternity Unveiled (1:1-4) a. Before the Beginning… b. Paul’s task c. Future eternity and godliness d. To Titus 2. God’s Stewards Appointed (1:5-9) a. Above reproach b. Gospel firmness c. Extraordinarily ordinary 3. God-denying Religion (1:10-16) a. Legalistic Christianity b. Cultural Christianity c. Influential and Useless 4. In Sync…

Luke 24 The Proof is in the Proclamation

The Proof is in the Proclamation Unexpected, Unexplained, Unbelievable Proof #1: explaining the empty tomb i. An unexpected sign ii. The divine explanation iii. Exceptional disciples Proof #2: the Emmaus encounter i. Despondent disciples ii. Hidden to be revealed iii. What’s going on with Jesus? Proof #3: experiencing fulfilment i. Not resuscitated ii. Not a spirit…

Luke 23 Ironic Injustice

Ironic Injustice The ire of injustice 1. Misleading the nation vv1-12 i. The accusation ii. The verdict iii. The deception 2. Miscarriage of justice vv13-31 i. He who shouts loudest… ii. Two wrongs don’t make a right iii. Justice for injustice 3. Misunderstood mockery vv32-39 i. Christ the King ii. The Suffering Servant iii. The…