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Freedom! Genesis 4-5

Intro: Freedom 1. A dead end with Cain Cain and Abel crime and punishment Cain’s descendants really free? 2. A new beginning in Seth positive signs genealogy tip #1: connecting genealogy tip #2: pattern breaks 3. Searching for a saviour where do the genealogies take us? blood that speaks a better word living your freedom

Why is our world broken? Genesis 3

Intro: Why isn’t life always beautiful? 1. Creation: the opportunity to enjoy God’s best 2. Sin: God, that’s not your best the serpent and God’s word the knowledge of good and evil moral autonomy 3. Does it get any better? alienation judgement 4. Can we hope for God’s best again? glimmers of hope the serpent…

The Loving Jesus – Mark 15:21-47

Unfortunately, this talk is unavailable due to difficulties with recording. You can listen to a very similar talk that Dominic gave here: We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you see Jesus for who he truly is through the gospel of Mark.