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The Loving Jesus – Mark 15:21-47

Unfortunately, this talk is unavailable due to difficulties with recording. You can listen to a very similar talk that Dominic gave here: We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you see Jesus for who he truly is through the gospel of Mark.

The Compassionate Jesus – Mark 6:30-56

1. Struggling to understand 2. The mission’s fruit a curious crowd a shepherdless crowd 3. The feeding miracle a common problem an uncommon solution 4. The walking miracle the revelation of Jesus the confusion of the disciples 5. The healing miracle growing recognition continued power 6. Understanding now understanding human need understanding compassion understanding Jesus

The End! MYC16 Friday

1.  Seeing what you’ve already seen Why didn’t I see it before? The besetting sin of preachers The prosperity gospel, eschatology and reading your Bible Wright, social responsibility, eschatology and reading your bible So what about the end times, the rapture and 666? Eschatology is a way of reading your Bible 2.  The end of…